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Our organization strives to make every effort to provide a supportive and empowering work environment for our valued employees. We believe that a positive and uplifting workspace can greatly enhance the productivity and creativity of our staff members, and we are committed to offering just that. With our wide range of job positions available, we believe that our organization can offer an opportunity for anyone looking to join a thriving community of individuals. Our team works together to achieve the common goal of transforming lives through our work, and we believe that this sense of purpose creates a strong sense of belonging among our staff. Join us today and be a part of something truly special.

We love our work

With an average age of 35 years, we are young and agile company that stands proud on its legacy of over many years. Every year we induct large batches of fresh graduates  across engineering and management from leading institutes across the nation. This young talent meets not only the current business requirements but are also the future leaders of Gravity Steel.

The passion that unites our large and cosmopolitan team – we love what we do. We firmly believe that diversity provides an enabling environment for nurturing creativity and encouraging perspectives. At every step of our employees’ careers, we invest in their capability building by offering learning avenues to exceed stakeholders’ expectations better.

Our Strength


Average Experience.


Manpower adding every year.


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    Current Job Openings


    1. Head Designer - Mtech/ME 15+ Years Experience 2.Senior Designer -Mtech/Btech 10+ Years Experience 3.Designer - Mech/Btech 5+ years Experience 4.Graduated Design Engineer -Btech 1+ Year Experience


    1. HR -MBA/BBA (HR) 3+ Years Experience
    2. Finance -MBA/BCOM/ 5+ Years Experience.
    3. IT Manager -Btech (IT,CS) 3+ Years Experince


    1. Project Manager - Mtech/Btech 15+ Yr Experience
    2. . Team Lead - Mtech / Btech - 10+ Yr Experience
    3.Tekla Modeler - Diploma / Btech 5+ Yr Experience
    4. Tekla Detailer - Diploma / Btech 1 + Yr Experience
    5. QC Checker- Diploma / BTech 2+ Yr Exp

    Sales & BD

    1. Head (Sales/Marketing) -MBA 15+ Years Experience
    2. Manager (Sales/Marketing) -MBA 10+ Years Experience
    3. Executive (Sales/Marketing)-MBA 5+ Years Experience

    Hiring - Freshers

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