Gravitye Steel Structures is an exceptional company that is dedicated to providing high-quality services to all of our clients. We make it our mission to truly understand their unique needs, and work tirelessly to deliver tailor-made solutions that exceed their expectations. Our team of experts are passionate about what they do and work together to ensure timeliness and effectiveness through open communication channels. We value our clients and their satisfaction is our top priority. This drives us to continuously improve and innovate to ensure that our clients are always getting the best service possible. We strive to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients based on the foundations of trust and mutual respect. Let us show you just how extraordinary we are at Gravitye Steel Structures….!

1.Meticulous Planning​

Our company is committed to exceptional customer service with on-time deliveries to meet client expectations. The coordination of deliveries is attributed to our scheduling engineers who work closely with clients to personalize their experience. Experience the difference today with our reliable, efficient and customer-focused delivery service.

2.Completion On Time​

We promise to deliver projects on time. We are aware of the impact of delays on clients and vendors and we stick to strict schedules to ensure efficient and effective completion. Our team works hard to manage project activities and meet milestones professionally. Our reputation for delivering projects on time displays our excellence in planning, execution and delivery.

3.Perfect Execution​

Our highly skilled team lead and project manager manage all aspects of the project from start to finish, guaranteeing that the final product meets all necessary specifications and is built to the highest standards.

4.Affordable Prices​

Our experienced estimators provide accurate assessments with competitive pricing, adhering to industry standards for exceptional service. Trust us with your job estimation needs for professional and detailed assessments, giving you peace of mind.


Our Services including Structures Design & Analysis, Connection Design, 3D Modeling, Steel Detailing, Estimation & Costing, PEMB Detailing and Deck & Joist Detailing Services.

1. Design & Analysis

Gravitye Steel Structures are expert in the field of structural steel design and analysis. We deliver various engineering designs and Steel detailing services. We are providing the structure design and analysis for various projects like, Industrial, Commercial Residential which includes Manufacturing Plants, Sheds, Complex Buildings, Platforms, Staircases, Railings, Pipe racks, Ladders, Tanks, Etc. Adhering to our ethical and transparent work culture norms, all design and analysis are performed to meet AISC, CISC, IS and other codes with latest editions and applicable material-specific design codes and standards.

We Design and Analysis services includes.

  • Structural Steel Design and Analysis.
  • Design Sketches & Connection detail drawings.
  • Peer review services
  • Value engineering services
  • Alternate material design checks.
  • Preliminary engineering consultation.
  • Design development services.
  • Design-Build or Design-bid-build.
  • Engineering services.
  • Construction drawings services
  • Co-ordination of drawings services 

2. Connection Design

We Provide Complete Design & Analysis of Steel and RCC structures complying with BIS, AISC,BS,CISC & Other International Standards. Our Engineers are specialized in Structural steel connection design with all the global standards with advanced software as per client requirement. Structural steel connection design as per LRFD by AISC, IS, BSi, ASi, and global Standards. We use spreadsheets, hand calculations and Master-series program and other software to provide the accurate data and sustainability of the structure.
Connection Design Methodology.

  • We accept analytical, premonitory and detailed design projects and are strengthened by our engineers and technical team with vast experience in the field.

    • In order to complete the necessary structural design analysis our team of design engineers with coordinate with the client / owner to understand the requirement.

    • We adapt their structural analysis approach to conform to your requirements and structural standards. This will allow the input of information in the form of various reporting and standards.

    • We also work with client to develop design standards and a communication plan that will ensure consistent, repeatable and high quality performance.

    • The end result will be complete structural detail drawings, layout of plans, elevation, section and legends in 2D or 3D formats as per requirements.

    • The result is a seamless flow of information in the form of desired format and spreadsheets will be provided.

3. Estimation & Costing

Gravitye Steel Structures is a company that places a huge emphasis on expertise and precision. Our dedicated team of engineers has extensive experience in the estimation and costing of structural steel projects and pre-engineering metal buildings. In order to maintain our high standards, we rigorously adhere to global standards set by prestigious organizations such as AISC, NISD, BIS, CISC, OSHA, and ASTM. This has not only boosted our credibility but has also allowed us to attract more clients and expand our reach.

Our team mainly works with SDS/2 and TEKLA platforms which are supported by in-built state-of-the-art technology to ensure accuracy and precision in all our projects. Our highly skilled and well-trained detailers work under the supervision of experienced project managers to deliver services with a cent percent accuracy and before the set deadlines. Their ability to identify snags at the early stages brings down both the cost and time of production and erection of steel members.

Using spreadsheets and streamlined internal software programs, we are able to gather accurate data of the project and analyze the criticality of the job, which enables us to provide an accurate quote with exact quantities and prices for our clients. Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition and ensures our clients receive top-notch service.

4. 3D Modeling

Gravitye Steel Structures is a leading provider of complete solutions for 3D modeling services. Our expertise lies in Tekla & SDS/2 software for industrial, commercial, residential infrastructure and manufacturing as well as other structural steel projects. Our team of highly skilled engineers has vast and rich experience in working on international projects. We are committed to visualizing the complexity of projects, addressing specific real-time fabrication issues, and adapting to detailing shop and GA drawings to enhance the efficacy of project managers and fabricators, to ensure successful completion of the projects within the given schedule. All our team members are trained in AISC/ NISD, IS, CISC and other standards.

We have executed tons of structural and miscellaneous steel detailing jobs in a variety of buildings and structures. Our team of experts stands out in addressing the potential needs of fabricators, owners, architects and general contractors by drawing on our extensive experience and innovation. Our unique BIM based 3-D modeling approach facilitates the checking of any clashes or interferences during the detailing stage. This saves a considerable amount of time and resources in modifications at the site. We also provide bolted steel structures with accurately designed bolted connections. This allows for fabrication of structures in workshops instead of site fabrication, resulting in faster erection and better aesthetics of structures.

5. Steel Detailing

We are Providing the comprehensive solutions for structural steel detailing services. We work round the clock to ensure seamless communication with all our clients. More importantly, we have teams that visit our clients on a regular basis to address their project needs and update their skills.

we understand and respect your delivery time lines. With our increased speed and capacity, you can optimize on your core strength of procuring more business. Strengthen your relationship with your client by bringing optimization value to them; mitigate the negative impact of revisions and reduce shop turnaround times.

Detailing Methodology

  • Complete material list, bolt list, stud bolt list extracted from model in advance for early and bulk procurement and effective site management.
  • Complete 3D model of structures and connections, exporting the nested cutting plans to various CNC machines directly using 3D model software to ensure accuracy in fabrication and erection of myriad of bolted joints.
  • Detailed shop / fabrication drawings, single part drawings.
  • GA drawings for erection of structural steel members as per design and detailed drawings.

Steel detailing services which includes

Estimation for Pre- Bid process • Advance Bill of Material / Material takeoff • 3D Modeling • Shop Drawings / Assembly drawings • Erection GA Drawings. • Anchor Bolt Drawings • Connection Sketches • CNC Files for Cutting & Drilling • DXF Files for Plate work • Grating, Joist, deck, Cladding Precast etc. and coordination • Field Bolt Lists • Kiss, Material list, Bolt List, Brought out list and other Reports • BIM Modeling • Approval Package. • Fabrication Package. • As-built package.

6. PEMB / PEB Design & Detailing

At Gravitye Steel Structures, we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated engineers who bring expertise in not just structural steel, but also in the PEMB (Pre-Engineering Metal Buildings) Projects. Our strict adherence to global standards of AISC, NISD, BIS, CISC, OSHA and ASTM has helped build our reputation for credibility and expanded our client base.
Our team employs the latest in state-of-the-art technology and work mainly on SDS/2 and TEKLA platforms. Our highly-competent detailers work under the supervision of vastly experienced project managers, who bring a combined efficiency that helps us deliver accurately and timely, with a track record of 100% accuracy. Our team’s ability to identify snags early during the project stages helps bring down both costs and time of production and erection of steel members. We also utilize spreadsheets and internal software to provide accurate data on the project, which helps us deliver quotes with precise quantities and costs.

7. Deck & Joist Detailing

Gravitye Steel Structures is a reliable and committed team that specializes in providing Joist & Deck Detailing services for Structural Steel Projects and Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Our company is proud to strictly adhere to global standards such as AISC, NISD, BIS, CISC, OSHA, and ASTM, which has enabled us to build an outstanding reputation and expand our client base. Our team primarily works on SDS/2 and TEKLA platforms, which are supported by top-of-the-line state-of-the-art technology.

Our top-notch services involve preparing complete and accurate lists and bills for Nucor- Vulcraft, Canam, and New Millennium products specified in the Structural Design Drawings. We also draft erection plans, elevations, sections, and details for the appropriate and safe installation of the joist and deck. We typically coordinate these services with the structural steel detailing as an effective option for time-sensitive projects. In cases where the supplier’s detailing schedule cannot meet the project’s schedule, Prism Steel can detail the joist and deck under an independent contract. With Gravitye Steel Structures, clients are guaranteed to receive top-quality Joist & Deck Detailing services that are timely, accurate, and efficient.